Wish it So

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Children have so much compassion

Carrigan:  Mommy, I gonna bring you a purprise (surprise)

Me:  Okay!

Carrigan:  You exciting?

Me:  Yes, I’m excited!

(Brings me a photo that was taken at my wedding with my mom, step-dad and sisters)

Carrigan:  Look it you brothers

Me:  Those are my sisters (She’s still figuring that he/she her/him sister/brother thing out) and my step-dad and my mommy.

(I tear up a little)

Carrigan:  You cryin because you miss your daddy?

Me:  I miss my daddy and my mommy

Carrigan:  Is okay, you daddy be back soon.

Me:  (I hug her) You are right, I will see them again.

Carrigan:  You wan a toy to make you feel better?

Me:  No, you and your sister have already made me feel better.