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Bachelor Girl

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I recently got a kindle and discovered that I could borrow books from my local library.  As well as I can borrow from the amazon lending library.  I will say that I’m not completely sold on e-books and prefer an actual book in my hands.

I love the smell of books, the weight of it and the memories they seem to bring back.  Not that the kindle hasn’t.

Truth be told, this post is inspired by a memory.  A memory of me making my first online purchase, on amazon no less.  I used my dad’s debit card.  It arrived to the UPS location that is nearby and they couldn’t deliver it to our house because a shipping error had occurred – they didn’t have our house number!  What?!

I was at a friend’s house for a sleepover and I begged my father to go to the UPS location and pick it up.  He obliged because I’m pretty sure he thought I would have an anxiety attack otherwise.

My first online purchase was Bachelor Girl by Roger Lea MacBride.  It’s the “Rose” years series – an extension of the Ingalls books. I was obsessed with those books and the lifestyle.  For a long time I would dream up a future where my family and I would “settle” far out in the woods and live off the land.  To this day, there are aspects of that life that call to me.

I’m sure it is hard for people to imagine me doing so, given that I am so “addicted” to the technology around me.  But I love the idea behind it.  Unless I learn how to keep a garden alive, it will just be an idea.

Anyway, what are you all reading?  Any recommendations?

[Edit:  The kindle is an early Christmas gift from Adam.  A co-worker of mine found a deal on it that was almost too good to pass up.  I nearly did pass it up but Adam stated that if I did not buy it at the “deal price” then he would buy it at full price and I would be even more upset about that!]

[Extra Edit:  I’m still hoping he makes me something like he did last year.  That was my favorite gift out of all the gifts he has ever gotten me :)]


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