Wish it So

Inner cheapo


There are a lot of things my parents did for us that I admire to this day.  One of them is how selfless they were when it came to us.  Before they purchased anything for themselves, they made sure that we were not left wanting.  Not for clothes, not for food, not for books, etc.

I know my parents must have purchased clothes for themselves over the years but I don’t remember going shopping for it.  I don’t ever remember hitting the mall with them to just hang out.  I don’t think we ever did.  Not as kids anyway.

I think that is why a large part of me feels so guilty spending on myself.  It is insanely hard for me to update my wardrobe or get necessary items like, shoes.  I purchase stuff for the girls all of the time and don’t usually have a problem with it.  

Although I admired that quality in my parents, I am pretty sure I’ve taken it above and beyond the admirable.  I mean, I’m rocking dansko sandals (purchased in 2007) and an open jacket because I lost my favorite closed toe wedges (purchased in 2010) and my coat no longer zips up post baby B (ugh) and that was an item gifted to me in 2008!  All that because I’m too guilt ridden and cheap to spend money on myself.

Every day I’ve been scouring the internet for an identical pair of wedges (Anne Klein sports wedge) at the same 2010 sale price.  I haven’t even begun the very critical quest for an appropriate coat!  

All that to say, one of my goals that I essentially started at the beginning of fall, is to take care of me a little more.  And that means, buy myself something every once in a while.  Like, you know, necessary items that will hopefully stop me from freezing to death!

I have some follow-up posts planned with some things I’ve done (encouraged by the husband and sister C) to show myself that I care.  That’s a weird sentence.  

Anyway, if you aren’t already doing it – buy yourself something pretty (and perhaps practical).  GO ON NOW. DO IT.



4 thoughts on “Inner cheapo

  1. I did. It was expensive and now I feel guilty 😛

  2. In hope your listening to your own advice! Buy those shoes and a new coat.

    • Oh, I’ m definitely working on it (my goal is to have something by this weekend)! It’s just hard when I know for a fact I’m going to feel super guilty. And Adam is so sweet, always encouraging me to buy myself something. So, it’s all me. For sure!

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