Wish it So


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I walked by Carrigan’s bedroom tonight and noticed the gate wasn’t up.  I immediately thought to myself that I didn’t want her to wake up in the middle of night and come creeping to our room.  Because I was the creeper as a kid and it never ended well for anyone involved.

My dad would let me watch scary movies but warn me that I was to stay in my room if I got freaked out.  Yeah right, dad.  

I would wake up and be completely terrified.  I would weigh my options.   Would it be worth possibly having the monster under my bed grab my legs when I tried to get down or to have the shadow that lurked on the stairs pull me into the dark JUST to cuddle with my parents?  

It was never worth it.

I would tip-toe to my mother’s side of the bed and say, “Mommy I want to get in bed with you” and she wouldn’t hear me.  I would whisper a little bit louder.  Still nothing.  Now I’m yelling “MOM!”. Nada.  Then I would jab her.  And every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, she would let out a blood curdling scream and then my dad would freak out and lecture me on watching scary movies.  

So yeah, time to put the baby gate up for the night.  For everyones sake.



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