Wish it So

That time I almost got murdered (but not really)


I regularly believe that I’m in a situation that will result in me being murdered or plummeting off a bridge that has been slowly deteriorating.

Yes. I’m that person.

For example:

I use the first bathroom stall sometimes because I think it will be easier to run from that stall to the entrance.

However, this is problematic because it leaves your legs exposed on three sides. If you’re not paying attention, some terrible person could walk up and cut you at the ankles – forcing you to fall and making it easier to pull you towards them.

If I use the bathroom stall towards the back of the bathroom it limits my exposure to ankle knifing (official term). However, it feels more secluded and I believe a lurker could hide much more easily back there.

When I use those stalls, I peek to see if I can see someone on top of the toilet. Peeking makes it sound creepy. What I actually do is push the stall doors really hard so I can see the lurker. I’m not sure what I would do if there were a lurker. I guess I’m hoping that one of two things happen 1) The door smacks them in the face 2) I scare them and they are left stunned enough for me to book it out of there.

I strongly believe that I could write a hilariously awesome thriller of sorts. There’s no way it could just be categorized as a thriller because I’d probably succumb to the full-on insanity that lurks in my brain.

If you read this and thought 1) I should cowrite a book with this lady 2) Girl needs meds 3) I need to make sure I’m never in the bathroom with you.

Valid points guys. But welcome to my world. My crazy crazy world!!


2 thoughts on “That time I almost got murdered (but not really)

  1. I still check every room for entrances, exits and hiding spaces for lurkers. Damnit let’s write that book!

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