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When we started thinking about having another baby we started talking to Carrigan about it.  We asked her input, boy or girl?  We told her about how things would change.  How mommy would change.

After finding out we were expecting, we started discussing it more with her.  We explained over and over what was happening inside of my belly and what would happen when this new love came out.  We bought many books on the subject and read her many books. Funny ones, serious ones and in-between ones!  

All just to say, we will still love you and not a single person in the world can change that.  

We geared up for a change in how we parented and how we would react in certain situations.  The downfall to all of our planning with C is that we left NO room to plan the big change in our lives as parents and how we would react to that little person.

Having little B in the house was very eye opening.  It was like being a new parent all over again.  You do what when she cries?  You’re telling me she doesn’t PAUSE so that we can put Carrigan to bed like we used to?  Wait, she’s going to need things AT THE SAME TIME as Carrigan needs things?  

I think one important thing I would stress to new parents but more so, parents who are going from one kid to two kids – Don’t prepare for eventualities that may not happen. Prepare for facts.


Fact – You will lose sleep again.  You remember that, right?

Fact – Your schedule will have to change to accommodate your newest love.  Don’t try to squeeze them into an existing pattern.

Fact – Your kids will be different.  So the things you did for one may not work for the other.

Fact – You will love them so much that it hurts.  Don’t even try to plan for that.

I feel so lucky to be the mother of these two lovely girls and we’re still working on our perfect pattern but for now, I’m digging where we are at.  


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