Wish it So

You know which little store you are.

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I’m in the mood for typing talking and being read heard.

You see, when I was driving to the College Library yesterday I passed by this little corner store that has always felt like it was standing in the middle of nowhere.

I won’t name names because I know you want to stalk me.

Don’t even pretend that you don’t!

Well, every time I pass by this store I think about an incident that occured there a little over a year before my mom passed away.

It was after she’d had her breast removed and after they found out that they weren’t going to be able to pursue the procedure since my mom was sick.

Sick with a cold and sick with cancer, again and still.

So, she was living life with one breast and pretending to be OKAY with it.

She did that a lot.

Pretended to be OKAY.

I think she taught me that.

I’m probably not as good at it since I cry for no apparent reason and a lot.

Well, this one particular day she caught a woman looking at her, not with empathy but with disgust.

You read that right, disgust.

I cannot believe it either.

I remember her telling me and me threatening to go over there and kicking ignorant ass.

But she said no, it’s okay, I handled it.

My mom’s way of handling it was saying “What are you looking at?” in her cute spanish accent but as tough as that woman could muster.

And man, when my mom mustered tough you had better be watching your behind!

Every time I drive by that little place ..I think of that woman.. and that day and how my mom didn’t deserve to feel anything but beautiful, wonderful, smart, funny and perfect.. a perfect mom.

The perfect mom for me.

So, I guess remember this story and tell it to your friends and maybe this will reach the ears or eyes of that person or a person just like them and they’ll realize that those judgements should be set aside.

Those looks or sideways glances they aren’t deserved.

At any given moment someone is going through something that you possibly cannot imagine…Remember that.


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