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First off, I’d like to apologize for not having better/more pictures for this.  If we’re being honest, which I imagine we are, I had not intended to blog about this.  At.  All.  I’ve been so “busy” with homework, playing with my EIGHTEEN MONTH OLD (What?!) and “working” (can you call 8-20 hrs a week work?) that I haven’t been thinking of this little blog of mine.

But today Carrigan went down for a nap (late) and I am here posting this random blog about this little food item I made on Tuesday.  Here’s the thing, I’m not good at recipes (as in, jotting them down or following them) so this is going to be a lot of recalling.

Honestly, I was stuck for what to cook while I was grocery shopping Tuesday afternoon and walked by boneless pork cut (center loin??) and I was hungry (as usual) so I said, alright well that looks yummy even in its raw-ness so this is happening.  Imagine me saying “I’m going to eat you!” to the pork.  I won’t say whether or not this actually happened.

Then came the hard part.. what to make that isn’t completely boring.  Well, I’ve already got small onions (they are the most adorable onions..), I have garlic (not as adorable) and well, I was going to buy pasta sauce anyway and while I’m at it.. why not some brown sugar?  Oh this sounds delicious said my tummy to my brain.

I wasn’t entirely sure how this was going to work until I got home and started “doing it”.  Are you rapping inside of your head, too?

Pork yummy-ness

  • Granulated Light Brown Sugar:  Coat a thin layer on both sides of pork with the light brown sugar
  • 6 small itty-bitty-cutie-patootie onions:  Cut three of them up and spread them over the pork and cut the other 3 in half and tuck them into the corners where the pork is touching (stop giggling)
  • 3 cloves of garlic:  Press them or “whatever” it’s called and spread them over the pork.  Please edit this as you please as I understand not everyone loves garlic like I do.  (I’d probably do less next time)
  • 1 jar of 26 oz.  Nature’s Promise Organic Traditional Pasta Sauce:  Spread half over the pork and the rest will kind of spread out on its own (do not use the whole jar.. it will get VERY saucy up in there and not the good kind!)
  •      I used the other half of the pasta sauce today in my pork roast – can’t wait to try it out!
  •      Personally I would stick to any kind of traditional pasta sauce so as not to compete with the other flavors but to each their   own, right?!
  • Once you’ve done all of that, I would put it in the oven at 425 and leave it in for 40 minutes (at least that is what I did but I know nothing about actual temps and what things cook at).

Because I had to wait 40 minutes and Carrigan really wanted to go outside and play you will be stuck with these two photos as well:

Alright, enough with those shenanigans!  Get to work!  Once the 40 minutes were up (I loosely timed this by the way), I grabbed the parmesan out of the fridge and spread it on top of the sauce which was covering the pork (in case you forgot what was in there)… I put it back in for about 10 minutes?  Again, recalling of loose timing.

Also, I should probably note that I covered the dish with tinfoil so it wouldn’t dry out and also so that the pasta wouldn’t splatter all over the oven.  This also kept the cheese from just burning in the end.

I’m hoping to be back this summer with more regular posts!  But it all depends on whether or not I take summer classes.

I miss you blog and imaginary blog friends!

Hasta Luego 🙂


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