Wish it So

Boundaries – just for the average bear?

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When I’m at home, alone with Carrigan, I pee with the door open.


Because otherwise she stands next to the door and it causes oopsies.

Still why?

Because I like to make sure I can hear her too

You never know when a number two will sneak up on you

Then you’re left counting down the seconds

 Wondering what kind of crazy your 16-month old is getting into

TMI?  You betcha.

Well, today’s bathroom visit consisted of Carrigan following me to the bathroom

Where this one-sided conversation occurred

Carrigan enters bathroom and smiles at the sound of pee hitting the toilet water

“Carrigan, mommy is peeing in the toilet”

Nods her head yes as if she understands the statement

(Hey, maybe she does?!)

“Carrigan, you also pee but you pee in your diaper”

Note to self: maybe that’s too full of a sentence for her?

“You pee in diaper”

“Mommy doesn’t get to wear a diaper to pee in – she’s too big!”

“Someday you won’t pee in a diaper either – you’ll pee in a toilet almost like this one!”

Conversation over

I’m now left to wash my hands quick enough to stop her from taking all of the detergents and throwing them on the ground

(downstairs bathroom is also the laundry room)

*Don’t pretend you didn’t miss my über weird rants – besides, maybe Carrigan will be like totally into potty training and then, who’s the weirdo?  Yeah, still me.  But weirdo with a potty-trained 16-month old two year old*


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