Wish it So

2011 adios

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I hope you all had a great holiday and are excitedly gearing up for the New Year like MOI!

I’ve had a pretty fantastic 2011 – so many great things happened!

I sometimes feel crazy with sadness or bitterness

But I always


Feel lucky!

I have amazing sisters 

Even when they drive me nuts I feel happy to have them as my sisters


I have an awesome husband

It should go without saying that I love him even when he tests me (totally your fault AG – always duh!)

I have a super awesome daughter

Carrigan YOU ROCK my socks off so often I debate whether or not I should still wear them

Socks are overrated

I have a wonderful in-law family 

Yeah, they’re just plain crazy


They are CR8Z

That’s how crazy they are

But I love them

I have great friends

We’ve shared some laughs, haven’t we!

I recognize that there are events in my life or in the past year that I could not accomplish without





of the listed people

So today, is a time for thank yous and I love yous and I’ll see ya next year 


Thank you for a GREAT year!


One thought on “2011 adios

  1. I LOVE YOU!!!! I feel the same way. 2011 had its ups and downs for me, but in all, it was pretty amazing. Have great sisters, a fantastic niece (she’s the light of my life too!), an amazing BF and really supportive friends. I’m also thankful for your in-laws for welcoming me and Gloria (and Ben) in the family in such a complete way.

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