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Countertops, sinks and faucets or “The things I rather research in place of taking my final take home exam..”

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True story.

I’m currently multi-tasking/procrastinating doing something that is due by Midnight tonight.



In other news, Adam and I decided last year that we wouldn’t purchase christmas gifts for each other since we really wanted to do some upgrades to our current kitchen.

Our sink is ridiculous.

It’s a double sink and the sink, for whatever reason, tilts toward the drains.

Everything you put it in slides and clanks resulting in some cracked glasses.

That’s right.

No bueno!

Our faucet is just outdated, kind of gross and leaks

Our COUNTERTOP.. well, they get noticeably banged up even with the slightest tap

They stain easily (regardless of how quickly you clean up)

and we really dislike them.

It’s also warped around the sink area.

I started the “christmas kitchen” process by ordering a new sink and faucet.

We really wanted a Delta touch 20 and I found one for 300 (marked down from 600..) but….

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..

I’m kind of cheap.

So, I found a nice Kohler that I had a 10 percent off coupon for.. and badibingbadaboom FAUCET ORDERED

Kohler Simplice in stainless steel

The sink is still a double buuuuuuuuuut

One side is much larger than the other so it will still be nice and roomy while still having an area to rinse off smaller glassware

Kraus undermount

I wanted a single but Adam did not.. so I compromised.

That was nice of me.. don’t you think?! 🙂

Now we’re in the great “countertop debate of 2011”.


I’m for the first one which is a granite called crema caramel or quartz in niebla which is a light grey color.

Adams for the quartz in black or quartz in dark grey.

Of course we couldn’t be more different in what we should get … But a decision will be made before 1/1 as we get 10% off if we order and pay by then.

We don’t really plan on getting then installed before march though so there will be loads of waiting!

As for our cabinets .. Our carpenter gave us some inexpensive solutions instead of replacement. So, yay!

That’s what has been on our minds for a little while.. someday I’ll get back to regular posting.


Not tomorrow though because it’s my biiiiirthday! 🙂  So I’ll be off celebrating that!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!


One thought on “Countertops, sinks and faucets or “The things I rather research in place of taking my final take home exam..”

  1. I like the second one from the front. My 2 cents 😛

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