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My sweet 1-year old

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Our little “boo bear” turned one on Sunday 10/16!  It was a whole lotta fun for the adults and mostly fun for the kiddo.  Lets just say cutting three teeth at once is not a really great way to spend your first birthday.

She was begging to do shots of tequila with her cousin Noah but I was all like “No, he’s a really bad influence on you…”

My sister-in-law is probably virtually murdering me right now as her son is five months old… 🙂

The decor for her special day was very simple!  Just as I had intended.  We had a lot of help with food and other items.  For that I’d like to give a shout out to:

Carmen and Gloria (my sisters!):  Egg salad, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, brownies and pumpkin spice cookies

Ronnie (my brother-in-law) and Jess (Sister in law):  Cupcakes

Ben (future brother-in-law):  Last minute decor errands such as the filling of balloons and the obtaining of batteries

Donna (mother-in-law):  Taking care of CG all day and making sure she arrived in her party clothes!

All of my family:  For making Carrigan’s special day truly special!

To the guests who were too far to make it but sent their love anyway:  Bethann, Michael, Caroline and her boys

Am I forgetting anyone?  I hope not!

I’m doing a slideshow of some of the photos of the day – I tried doing it separately and it’s taken me two weeks (because of time constraints).  If it’s going to slow just hit the next arrow (you have to hover of the slideshow for it to pop up)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh and yeah, there was a picture of my kid laying unhappily on the ground.  She fell and we all decided that it was too funny to pass the picture opportunity up.  She was probably thinking “Great, this is my family…”

Get use to it, kid!

To commemorate Carrigan’s 1st birthday we did a fingerprint bouquet of balloons.  I had pinned some fingerprint projects recently on pinterest and decided that a bouqet of balloons would be the most fitting for a birthday party.  The parents (myself and Adam) are the “floating away” balloons and the kids are the balloons on the bottom of the paper.  The adults are the big bouquet.  I still need to go in and edit some of the lines on the paper which is why I chose to do that part in pencil.  I am probably going to go in after the lines are perfected with a black fine point marker.

I plan on writing the names of the guets on the back of the mat.  I’ve debated putting them on the outside on the mat but I’m not sure how that would look.  Maybe I’ll pencil it in and let you know how it goes?

Things you’ll need for this project:

Paper – we purchased white scrapping paper

Colored stampers – we chose pink and green for CG’s as they match the party colors (couldn’t find yellow!)

Mat – if you want to get fancy with it!

Frame – we chose white because I love white…

Thumbs! – We chose thumbs because they are more like a “balloon” shape.

Total:  approx. 15 dollars (a lot of things where on sale)


Have a great weekend all!    It’s off to our local costume parade this evening and some much needed family time!


One thought on “My sweet 1-year old

  1. I love the slide show. LOVE IT! I miss my Caban-Gleasons and my Caban-soon-to-be-Phillips.

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