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I only speak the truth

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We currently have no front walkway or stairs leading up to our porch

Thanks to the town that still has to come out and determine whether or not they need to do the town part of the piping.  But hey, don’t worry guys, take your time.  

We found out on Monday that the windows we were having installed cannot be installed until we get a carpenter out

Thanks previous owners for not hiring a good contractor when you had your faux windows installed!

We still have to fix that roof issue

Thanks previous owners – apparently contracts mean nothing and honesty is just something heard in fairy tales.

Our garage door will be installed in just over two weeks

Woo-hoo, like one of the top awesome things happening over hear at Casa 12V.

I’m trying not to fail Human Growth and Development (it’s my online course and I wish I had listened to all the advice people gave me!)

Why are you so stubborn, Iomay?

I’m trying to be a good wife and a good mother yet I feel like I’m failing at that

Husband, don’t try to convince me otherwise.

I’m trying to be a good sister but I feel like I’m failing there too

That goes for you too, Carmen.  Don’t try to convince me otherwise.

I’m just all around bummin’.  I’m trying hard every day to pick myself up and think the positive thoughts I’m always preaching to other people but lately it just feels, well, hard.

Like trying to write “I love you” in the sand at the beach when the waves keep crashing down and erasing it.  Don’t tell me you’ve never experienced that 🙂

Things that keep me going:

My daughter

My sisters

My husband

My friends

Certain co-workers

Moments that are just pure bliss.


Two nights ago,

Carrigan woke up and adam was holding her

She nuzzled her head against his shoulder

I laid my head next to hers then put my hand on adam’s hand which was on Carrigan’s back

He then took his other hand and put it on top of my hand

That moment was pure bliss

It reminds me of everything that is right in my world

Even though sometimes it feels like nothing is going right


Am I the only one feeling like this?



One thought on “I only speak the truth

  1. Nope, you are not the only one. I feel like this almost every day of late. But remember, you are loved!

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