Wish it So

Adieu Dahlia Aegean

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So, I said goodbye to the fabric I had originally chosen as the victor the to two week fabric decision.  I chose a similar fabric, floral with like colors.  The print is smaller scale than the large floral of the Duralee Dahlia Aegean.

I think I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m cheap.

The 8.50/yard VS 25+/yard really swayed my decision.

Duralee Dahlia/Foliage Aegean

Liz Scott Sugar pop painted flowers in cream chartreuse








The colors are similar but obviously not the same!  Personally, I don’t think it will change anything as far as styling the room.  It still makes me feel warm and cottage-y!

I was also able to score a 1/2 yard of Tye Pennington’s chartreuse lace for an accent pillow and 1 yard of Joel Dewberry Opal in Jade for a cafe curtain in the kitchen!

Tye Pennington Chartreuse Lace

Joel Dewberry Opal in Jade








If I like the Joel Dewberry enough I’m going to order more and make accent panels for the living room curtains.  Nothing big just something to add a pop of color + fun!

I won’t lie .. I’m bummed about the Dahlia Aegean.  But, our wallet is happy.. very happy.

Made any penny pinching compromises lately?  Do tell!


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