Wish it So

Here’s to the two of us on our two-year!


And here’s to you too! 🙂

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage yesterday!  Woot!

This means – neither of us has accomplished killing the other, yet.

This also means – those divorce papers haven’t gone  through yet, darn!


or am I?

No, really, I’m kidding.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who made that day possible two years ago and there were lots of people!

Carmen – For being a fantabulous bridesmaid, sister and bridal shower planner 🙂  – Even from Boston it felt like you were right there with me.

Gloria – Wonderful maid of honor, sister and bridal shower planner 🙂

My mother – For being there even though I knew how hard she was fighting!  We got married about 1 year before we intended to but it was worth it to have my mom there.

Special thanks to my mom’s doctors for allowing her to attend the wedding.  I actually had to ask permission because of the level of care that would be needed.

Ricky (Stepdad) – for walking me down the aisle and dancing the father/daughter dance with me!

My husband – For showing up!  Bet you are kicking yourself hun 🙂






Keleigh and Randi – For singing like the beautiful little songbirds that you are!!  My walk down the aisle would have not been so amazing without your voices to lead me down to my man!

They sang the Celine Dion version of Sinatra’s “All the way”


Rachel – for lots of late night, weekend and last minute prep she helped with or did on her own!  Best friend a girl could ask for 🙂

Brigitte – the creative genius who helped create many of the cool things seen at my wedding and things not seen!  Like the escort cards that someone forgot to put out 🙂  The table numbers… and the candles she put together feverishly the night before!

Oh and the woman who single-handedly got me back on timing during dress rehearsal just by simply telling me that I was walking like a cow.. or was it a heifer…Thanks again Brig!

Lillian – for being the best darn flower girl a bride could ever ask for!

Donna and Ron- For taking on the task of bringing things to the reception for prep – They picked up a looooot of things!  For hosting the rehearsal dinner at a great local restaurant!  For loads of other things..

Jess – who at last-minute fixed our “blue” grass + wedding dress touching blue ground dilemma

Ronnie – For being a wonderful best man and great brother-in-law!

Bethann and Michael – For the champagne with a picture from our engagement photo shoot on it which allowed for the beautiful toast at the wedding!  Also, a special thanks to Bethann for the beautiful email she wrote to myself and Adam on the eve of our wedding 🙂

To my friends who danced and sang the night away

Special thanks to Jillian Whitney Jillian for singing a lil’ Whitney 🙂

(It was a requirement that if people wanted us to kiss they had to sing at the mic instead of clinking the glass!)

Centerpiece vases purchased by moi and concept by moi!  I still use these vases around the house – happy memories 🙂

No thanks section:

Florist – Almost screwed it all up because she initially only ordered enough flowers for TWO TABLES not the ten + we had discussed… Luckily about 3 days before the wedding we caught the problem.

Initial Photographer – For moving to SEATTLE without notice!

Ceremony Venue – For reseeding your lawn the weekend of my wedding!  They did refund us 1/2 of the fee thanks for my complaining

Here’s looking forward to our 3rd year together… 9/19/12 here we come!

.. “Who knows where the road will lead us only a fool would say”


4 thoughts on “Here’s to the two of us on our two-year!

  1. Happy Anniversary. My husband and I just celebrated 32 years. You have so much ahead of you – please take the time to enjoy every minute, it will fly past you!!!

  2. Kicking myself? why would I do your job for you? Was a great night and a great marriage so far. Maybe we really should push through those divorce papers so we can do it all over again…… or not.

  3. I will always love you!! 😉

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