Wish it So

Last night’s dinna


Cook yourself a steak today!

Garlic/Cumin/BBQ Steak

  • 2 large marinating steaks (or whatever your preference may be)
  • Garlic (fresh not powdered)
  • Cumin (Powdered)
  • Original BBQ Sauce (I think we used something called bubs?)


Wash and make cuts in your steak (I also cut one of them in two and I cut off all the fat)

Make the garlic into a paste

Rub the garlic on the steaks

Rub Cumin on the steak (in addition to rubbing some into the slits)

Marinate for 2-3 hours

Rub a little BBQ sauce on the steak

Marinate for 2-3 hours (the one that marinated overnight was the most flavorful)

Cook as desired (medium rare, rare, etc.)


I paired this with yellow squash that I had boiled in maple syrup – delish!



2 thoughts on “Last night’s dinna

  1. I ate this very delicious steak the following day and hands down the best i’ve had so far… so yummy thank you Mei for making it!

  2. I thought this was titled, Last Nights Drama, I couldnt figure out what was so dramatic about that. Til I re-read šŸ˜‰

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