Wish it So

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I’ve been a busy little worker bee this morning.

A bee with an apron!

You see, my husband’s father and his siblings are throwing an anniversary party for his parents, tomorrow.  His parents passed away quite some time ago and they wanted to honor them by getting together and throwing a little family shindig.

How does that come into my busyworkerbeeness?

Well, last week my father-in-law told us that his sisters wanted us to bring something “spanish” to the shindig.  My father-in-law doesn’t ask for much.. so we obliged.

I’m puertorican so I bet they thought it would be a cinch to ask me.

But my mom wasn’t exactly dying to show us how to cook.. especially since she had no patience in the kitchen.  She was a feel it out kinda girl and I’m all like, buuuuuut, does a pinch mean a teaspoon?

So, taking on the task of spanish food, not a small feat.

My husband loved my mom’s cooking (my dad passed away 6 years before Adam came into the picture) and he also loved my mom’s boyfriend’s (Ricky) cooking.. he especially loved their Pernil .  Challenge hestiantly accepted.

This meat is uber flavorful for a reason.. it’s got all the best seasonings and it has to marinate overnight.  I wanted to one up the overnight thing and I started working on it at approximate 11am EST.

The only problem is that I have a child.  A child who demands attention and feedings..

So I worked hard from 11a-2pm making the mixture for the pork shoulder, washing the pork shoulder, making large cuts in it for optimum flavoring and using some of the materials to marinate steak for dinner (which was nothing compared the pork project.

Normally, that sort of thing wouldn’t take someone 3 hours.. but I did bottles, snacks and lunch during that time!  I also had to make sure Carrigan was playing safely at all times.

I can say I am glad to be done working on the pork until the ass crack of dawn tomorrow.. You have to cook the pork overtime so you have to get it in the oven early!

AAAAAAAAAAND, I still have to finish prepping for dinner.



AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, Carrigan only took a 20-min nap (until now).

I’m off to find something to watch on my laptop.

I need a break!



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