Wish it So



Before you were born I worried like worrying was going out of style

I worried I’d forget to feed you

I worried I’d forget to take you out of the car

I worried that I would forget you at home

I worried that I wouldn’t know what to do


Now you’ve been here almost a year

I rarely remember if I’ve eaten

But you’re always fed

I rarely remember where I’m going once I’m in the car

But I always remember to take you out

I leave things at home all the time, my wallet, my cellphone, my sanity

But I never forget you there

Taking care of you has been second nature to me

Taking care of me, well that’s a whole different story

In fact it seems, that someone should be there taking care of Mommy

That must be what Daddy is for πŸ™‚










Oh and I still worry about tons of other things


2 thoughts on “WartyWorryWart

  1. Daddy tries, but Mommy still forgets lunch and neglects her sleep far too much. You certainly never forget the kidlet for a second, even so far as checking if everything is getting done when you leave her with perfectly competent people πŸ˜›

    • I know, but you’re such a good husband for constantly sending me reminders to eat and telling me I should sleep more. Unfortunately, I have that bad habit of checking up on CG even when she is with you. It’s hard… I know you are perfectly competent..

      Love you!

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