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Living Room “Progress” and a little bit o’ this and a little bit o’ that

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I’ve made a few tweaks to the living room over the last week or so.  I’ll show you a before an after shot…

Pretty, but still “Do adults live here?” thanks to the Rockasan (which screams more college dorm than first home)

But, before you think I hated the Rockasan let me tell ya that thing was a sanity saver!  I rocked Carrigan to sleep and fell asleep in it many times over the 2 months we owned it.  That’s how long our SECOND replacement lasted and BARELY.

As of May 2011

Pretty and “Yeah, adults DO live here”.  Although, if you were to look closely you’d see that the ottoman (which also doubles as toy storage and blanket storage) is stacked with children’s books.

Who knew that one day I would rather have easy access to books for Carrigan and not the decor books I originally intended to be there!?

And yes, the piano bench is BROWN but I am currently working on a cushion/sewing project with leftover yellow striped fabric to add some color and function to that bench!

Yeah, I love yellow stripes.  What?

As of September 2011

Now, There is still something lacking.

My proposition?

Option 1 (which is more of a must do than an option)

We’re missing something on the left though… What can we do there?  Add a plant?  I dunno.. it looks scary.

Option 2

Or add more frames and [more than] possibly an oval mirror (which I have already located at an antique shop and LOVE)

Option 3

Now a view of the wall behind the slipper chair – I’m still in debates as to what to do with this wall.

Maybe with so much going on with the other walls this one deserves a break?

Option 1 of 1 (for now)

Now for a better shot at the painting in the dining room (You know, the one from the soulgasm post!)

Because it looks EVEN better in the light of day .. if that’s possible!

It totally helped with those “too much brown” complaints I had last week.

It makes my heart happy so I had to show it one more time!

Update – not 10 minutes later I’m thinking maybe the oval mirror can go behind the slipper chair?  All I know is that oval mirror is going to be my 2-year wedding anniversary gift from Adam.  That is, if I’m looking into my future and the future is Adam wanting me to be happy 🙂  Love you 🙂

Some visuals for this:

Oval mirror with two small square picture frames and shelf

Option 2

Oval mirror with two small picture frames and NO shelving

Option 3



One thought on “Living Room “Progress” and a little bit o’ this and a little bit o’ that

  1. Did not know you were psychic, I was totally thinking of buying you what you decided you wanted. How did you know what it would be?

    Love you.

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