Wish it So

Get out, you!


There’s a lot of brown in my house right now.

This is what I call brown overload

Furnimagz Brown Living Room

How did that happen?

Ottomans: brown

Corner Bookshelf: Brown

Lamp Shade: Brown

TV Cabinet: Brown

Dining Chairs that can be seen from Living Room: Brown

I’m gagging right now.  

Not because I hate brown but because there is so MUCH of it.  I am not a fan of dark colors especially when it comes to furnishings.  It’s a darn good thing I picked other light-colored furnishings when we started transitioning from Apartment Furniture to “Hey-we-own-a-home-and-have-a-kid-we must-be-grown-ups” Furniture.

Now this is a color palette I can get behind

The Finer Consigner

To remedy all the brown that’s going on..

Lamp Shade:  Brown  – Make a new lampshade or buy a new lampshade with a nice bright HAPPY color

TV Cabinet; Brown – Find out if its wood VS veneer and figure out best course of action to change color either by way of paint or lighter stain.  We’ll see.

Dining Chairs that can be seen from Living Room: Brown – Slipcovers!  I bought some but they are far too big and very “country” looking.  Not even the good country look (Like my friend Veronica’s house which is fantabulous country!)

For a tiny view into our house click on “This old house” on the bar below the header.  We’ve actually done more things to it since those photos were taken and hopefully more changes to come.  


5 thoughts on “Get out, you!

  1. would be better to get a new cabinet as the type ours is would be ruined by changing the color, dining room chairs would look weird with slip covers and lose the coolness of the leather chair thing they go going. My decorator will call you with some more tips 😛

    • Ours would not be ruined by changing the color.. You are so dramatic when it comes to this stuff. They would not look weird with slipcovers they just wouldn’t be brown leather. Your decorator is going to get a busy tone if she tries calling me.. seeing as your decorator is me.

      Why don’t you just keep making money so your decorator can spend it. Sounds more up your alley than decorating tips… Love you….

  2. Well I wont argue you like spending my money, but the wood is definitely not going to be happy about any sanding/revarnishing. Chairs might be right, but still think the leather looks better than a cloth cover. Love you my rudeness 😛

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