Wish it So

1 year – just around the corner!


Carrigan’s first birthday is right around the corner

She was born on 10/16/10!

I plan on making her a healthy smash CUPCAKE (I find it extremely wasteful to give her a small cake she’s just going to smash)

The rest of the guests will have the same but with different frosting color.

Raspberry Swirl

I plan on keeping it simple; pink, green and yellow just like her room!

The sweetest occasion birthday

I plan on keeping it small – just family!

Family Party!



Speaking of first birthdays.. How’d you handle your child’s first?  Did you do it big or did you keep it simple, like me?

Also, why does everyone and their mother think they can chime in on how we should celebrate our child’s birthday?

Anybody else have that problem?  I bet I’m not the first…


7 thoughts on “1 year – just around the corner!

  1. First birthday! Fun!
    They’re definitely more of a big deal to us (adults) than it ever is to them. Lol.
    My cousin just had a fancy dinner party for her son’s first birthday. Three course meal and everything a gourmet restaurant. Baby was kind of like, “Yeah, whatever, feed me mashed potatoes.”
    The smash cake came out, and right as he was about to dig in, people laughed, he got nervous and cried. Eventually, he touched it, but rubbed his fingers together and was like, “Ew. Please get my hand clean.”
    It was funny. I agree with you. Keep it small. Family. Smash CUPcake makes lots of sense. Take lots of pictures. Baby will NOT remember it. 🙂

    • I have a feeling my daughter would respond in the same way. Kind of like, “Mom, I only eat shoes and carpet lint. What’s this sticky crap you’re serving me?” 🙂 I am the queen of taking pictures and that is something I think is super awesome to do for her birthday that way she can look back and be like “Dude, I turned 1 and you gave me my own cupcake!” 🙂

  2. I had a big party for both my kiddos for the 1 year, cause we felt we had so many people to Thank that had made it possible for Ryan and then Ruby to have awesome 1st years and get us through that infancy stage 🙂 Just as many people seemed to be interested in our 1 yr old as they were in showering us and I thought that was great. However, we have had rather small parties every year there after except for turning 5, which Ruby will do in January 🙂

    • See, I have nothing again against people throwing their 1 year olds a super bash. I just don’t personally think that fits ME. My problem is people trying to convince me otherwise. You know? I cannot believe Ruby is turning five. That is insanity!!!!!

  3. We went all out, after all he survived a year with us! We had the hall at our church, theme was Wild West, the cake (for Alex was a cowboy hat shaped cake) and for everyone else, a cupcake cake style cake in the shape of a cactus, and Rosalind made about 10 apple pies to go with the country theme for all the cake haters out there. I made lots of food like baked beans, BBQ kielbasa, pasta salad and we got chicken from the Hanger. We had games for adults and kids. Was fun. Will not do another big one till it is a milestone age. For now, however because his birthday falls near Thanksgiving, we celebrate his birthday with family on Thanksgiving and we have a smaller (but still crazy) party at our house with friends. Which is nice because I am not having to plan two parties…just one and it brakes up the amount of people in my house. 🙂

  4. Oh, and the only person who had a problem with us having a big party was…..wait for it….Jeff. He hated spending so much money on a party for a child when he wouldn’t remember it. I dont regret it at all.

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