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Rations or lack thereof


As most of you are aware of, there was a Hurricane.  She had a name but I don’t find that to be important.  We got off fairly easy in my area of town as I did not live near any of the water sources.  I think it’s important to note that by the time that it did get to us it was labeled a Tropical Storm.

Our sump pump worked her little 2-Thousand dollar butt off and if she hadn’t I would have been calling the company who installed it to bail the water out themselves.  I take the number “Two-Thousand” very seriously.  Especially when attached to dollar symbols. They should take this number seriously too.

We didn’t sustain any tree damage either.  Although, as I’m writing this, I can see a pretty hinkey little tree limb over the garage.

Less than five minutes away from our house disaster was evident.  Our local swimming hole was completely flooded as was the building on the property.  Our golf course was also flooded, this happens on occasion due to bad planning on their part but nothing like this.  Homes surrounding the property were also greatly effected.

Surrounding towns (and states) were also hit pretty badly – ours was a booboo on a toddler’s knee with a hello kitty sticker slapped on where as theirs is a gash needing stitches and more than likely leaving a scar.

Roads were closed and the section of highway leading out of our town (maybe in as well, i’m not sure) is still closed.  From what I’ve read they are sending divers down to check a bridge on the highway to make sure it’s structurally sound.  Unfortunately the water currents have been too fast (?) for them to get into the water.

This whole scenario has really got me thinking about the lack of preparation on our part for a natural disaster.  We didn’t have any first aid kits nor any real nourishment.  I’m sure there are more things we should have but I can honestly not think of those things.

All I know is, we definitely wouldn’t have cut it on the Oregon trail (the game).  The food we had would have gone bad and one of us would have gotten some sort of disease where our entrails would melt in our body and shoot out of every orifice.  Yeah, yucky.. I know.

My husband was in charge of buying food in preparation for the hurricane and potential power loss.  Meaning, no use of fridge, stove, microwave or access to hot water.


Ramen in various flavors (ranging from yucky to more yucky)

Cans of Pineapple

Cans of Peaches

Cans of Green beans

Powder baby formula (1 can)

Jar food for Carrigan (about 5)

(we don’t feed Carrigan jar food so its important to note that others might not have this on their list because they’d already have a good amount of it at home)

2-packs of bottled water

And there weren’t many cans either.  With no fridge to keep anything cool all of these items could potentially go bad after opening and attempting to save some for a later meal.    Also, I posed the question of “How are we going to make ramen with no way to heat up water?” and my husband answered back that we had the grill and could boil water over the outside burner.

Now, if it had hit us as bad as it had hit some areas, we’d have starved.  Because our grill would have been floating away.  Attached to it would be our source to eat ramen.  Ramen…

I’m going to type it again in the event that you haven’t let it sink in







Sure the word “Amen” is in “R-amen” but I can tell you that nobody shouted “Amen” after eating ramen.

I’m currently eating our rations .. but no Ramen for me, thanks!

Oh and my husband, whom I love dearly, would totally survive off of Ramen and canned peaches even if he had no water to boil the ramen with.

How many are you are creating disaster preparedness kits?  How many of you have a really awesome plan on how to survive a natural disaster or better yet, the Oregon trail or zombies?

How many of you have told your child that they couldn’t have your can of pineapples because it was bad for babies?  Oh, just me… In my defense they were maybe too yummy for a baby.  She couldn’t truly appreciate it like I would.


5 thoughts on “Rations or lack thereof

  1. for the record. The grill was not the heat source, a propane camping burner which I had borrowed from the folks was going to be our source for our possible, FEW DAYS without power.

    I have survived, if you count Irene, a total of six hurricanes so far. The rule is really prepare what you need for each storm. Try not to go too crazy or you could be like us stuck with a lot of water and other oddball items you probably knew you would never need.


    • For the record, you said you were using our grill. For the record, you didn’t say anything about borrowing a camping burner. For the record, you never know how long we’d be without power as this was hypothetically speaking. For the record, you’re not psychic.

      For the record, I love you.

      PS For the record, next time I want real food not ramen.
      PPS For the record I hope there is no next time.

  2. Ew–ramen noodles. I don’t know why anyone thought those would be a good idea for a food product.

    And the Oregon Trail totally traumatized me as a child. No 8 yr-old should be reading things that say “Erin just died of dysentery.” Not to mention that I had no idea what that meant, other than the dying part, of course…

    Glad you guys are OK–some of the damage I’ve heard about is heart-breaking.

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