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Room for improvement

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Carrigan’s room is getting an update!  I’d like it to be shabby chic with a hint of modern so that it doesn’t always feel like a “baby” room and she will grow with it a bit longer.

I’ve already discussed her upcoming wall changes.  I’ve already sanded down two frames and started painting them white!  I think I’m going to leave two of the frames in their current wood grain color so that they tie in the rocker/glider better.  Currently it sticks out like a sore thumb as it is the only non-white furniture item in the room!

We’ve also decided to paint the frame wall which is not a big part of her room so I’m down with that!  Not sure which color yet..

I made the executive decision to “throw” yellow into the room!  You know, to throw a curve ball at ya!

I plan on buying a white rug and painting on a yellow stencil that I found online!  The shape of the stencil will help with the modernization of the room and the yellow will be fun but still light and child-like!

A little bite of everything; Alfombra

Then comes the chest that will be filled with her blankets and such since her playroom is attached to her bedroom it doesn’t really make sense to me to give her yet another place filled with toys!  I have plans to paint it white and give it an update on the side handles (if I can finagle the old ones off) and make it a cushion top with a fun patterned fabric!  This way she can sit on it and read a book or sit on it to grab something off her shelf!

The chest which I purchased for 19.99 at a local thift store looks like this currently:

Wouldn’t it look so cute with a basket underneath it which adds even more storage!

But by the time I am done it should look a little more like this (in terms of updating w/color and fabric):

Land of Nod Toy Box

Let me tell ya – I was not sure about the yellow but then I started working on a birth announcement for her frame wall and it couldn’t be more obvious that this threesome was meant to be together!  🙂  This announcement is also a work in progress as I’m missing how many inches she was born at (bad mommy move – Cannot find it anywhere!)


If you’re still not sold on pink, green and yellow.. maybe this will sell ya:

House to Home Style UK

How cute is that?  Seriously… SO cute!

Happy Wednesday!

It’s going to be a long one for me but then I get three days off with my baby so I can’t really complain or can I?

And yeah, I’ve got like one hundred thousand plans going on right now…



One thought on “Room for improvement

  1. I am scared to goodness of a white rug in a kids room, but if any momma can make it happen, you can!

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