Wish it So

If walls could talk


They’d say – I want to be pretty too!

That’s one of my million little projects now 🙂

Carrigan’s Room – proposed wall update

Notice how fancy I am with the lined yellow paper 

1) We just bought a 19.99 wood chest at our local thrift store (practically a blank canvas for a little girl’s room!)  Just needs a little cushion and some paint!

2) We already have the shelf w/hooks.  It was made by someone we know as a gift for Carrigan!

3) We have the frames and letter G for Gleason but I’m thinking I should find a C for Carrigan instead…

4) We have blank canvas that I picked up at Michaels!  Now I just need to paint something on it..

Entryway Wall – proposed wall update

Notice my continued fanciness 

1) We have a ledge my sister gave us when she moved this summer from one apartment to another

2) We have a small round hammered metal frame that I’m dying to use on this area

3) I have the blank canvas – I’m going to try to paint a pair of muddy boots

4) We already have the small chalkboard – I plan on writing something silly on it relating to taking off shoes and being charged for not following rules

5) Enter small mason jar which I also own.  My sister made apple pie jam and gave it to me once upon a time.. so cute.  Perfect for change from those offenders 🙂

Note the weird shaped bench.  Our bench doesn’t look like that but I’m really bad at drawing!  Which is going to make for some funny wall art.

I just finished a stripped cushion cover for the bench.  It’s not perfect but I love it.  I hope to make a DI-What?! write-up on it.  I actually took pictures this time!

 The pillows were borrowed from the couch. I hope to get the bench its own pillows!  It’s a striped fabric.. remnants from the runner I made.

The walls aren’t THAT pink in “real” life/in person.  This was taken at 11pm-ish with the hallway light.

What are you guys dressing your walls up with these days?  Or are they still naked noodles like most of our walls?

Any tips for hanging things on plaster walls?  

Happy Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “If walls could talk

  1. Might be a good idea to sew on some yellow ribbon so you can tie the cushion to the bench, so it doesn’t shift. Unless the bench is only decorative.

    Also, I still have apple pie jam. I’m going to try it again this year but with more rip apples.

  2. Or velcro..? I don’t know that I’m savvy enough for tie backs.

  3. Or they have this gripper type material now, that you can fuse onto the bottom of the cushion that holds in in place. I have it on my new rocker seat cushion and its great.

  4. all the cushions I have had for my kitchen chairs had tie backs and they all tore off, ruining the cushions. Of course we sit in them every day, so this probably made the difference between every day use and occasional use. SO… if you do tie backs, make sure they are on well!

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