Wish it So

Not in a nut shell..That’d be tidy!


My sister moved in over the weekend!

She’ll be here for 8 months

The countdown begins

For her to move out 🙂

She knows it too!

We had to move the computer out of her room

We put the computer in the playroom

The playroom is now in the sunroom

The one that connects between Carrigan’s room and ours

It’s really cute

But it was sweaty work


Thanks Adam for doing the majority of the work (shout out to Jeff for carrying some heavy items too!)

You did a lot of work this weekend!


Oh and I got a new little 2-tier side table thanks to the craigslist find

It needs to be sanded down – the legs anyway

They are lime green



Did you get that?

Lime green doesn’t go with our decor

Although our decor has changed ever so slightly over a couple of days

More function

Less pretty

Thanks Carrigan


Babyproofing for us meant bringing things with doors back into the scene

That scene is currently my living room

Also, I went to the docs on Friday

My boobs apparently felt like a normal 26 year old’s boobs

Seriously, that’s how my doctor put it

Then she told me that it’s really easy to spot lumps in thin people

And she didn’t feel one

(anymore – I had a complex cyst that went away after 6 months)

She called me thin


I wonder if she actually looked at my weight in her charts?

Oh well, I’ll take it!

She apologized for their error

She never meant for me to have a mammogram

Her notes were read wrong


My first mammogram will be at 30

She said they would start 10 years before my mom’s first diagnosis

It made me feel better

and worse

Mostly because I wish there wasn’t a need to take the extra precaution

But I get it

I really do

I forgot about Saturday

How do you like this order of things?

It’s messy

We went hiking with friends and their son who is 1 week younger than CG

It was fun

It was sweaty – I took an extra shower!

Carrigan got her first lip-on-lip kiss on Sunday

From a friend’s son – Alex

She keeps wanting to call

But we’re trying to get her to play it cool

Alex should call first

Within 3 days



Have a good mon-DAY!


3 thoughts on “Not in a nut shell..That’d be tidy!

  1. He says he’ll see her Friday he hopes!

  2. Dude! You forgot to mention how psyched you are that I’m coming to visit Saturday 😛

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