Wish it So

A not-so-typical evening


You’re about to see a scene at my house yesterday.  I say it’s not typical because I don’t usually cook the meal, I prepare.  Partly because I’m not awesome at doing a dinner start to finish.  Partly because I work evenings.  Partly because I’m lazy.

Well, yesterday was different because I had the entire day off and I was inspired by this face:

That faces makes me want to cook, make runners and get crafty!  Wouldn’t it make you do those things?

Let me also say that it’s quite difficult to cook at my house with an active 10-month old.  I usually distract her with organic puffs made by happy baby/happy family… but as you can see no hay bebe?!

My father-in-law took her for a walk while I was grocery shopping.  He was so proud of himself for getting her asleep!

So, I thought I took a picture of the entire board covered in chicken but I only took a picture of the smidgen with Carrigan’s chicken.  It is not unusual for me to make Carrigan’s food from scratch as we don’t buy jars.  However, it is unusual for me to be making it kind of last-minute like this.

To make up for it, I just left out one of the chicken tenders and cut it up with our chicken.

We were having homemade chicken nuggets; dipped in maple syrup (none of that aunt Jemima stuff here!) and rolled in italian seasoned bread crumbs.  I’d have preferred something not so italian seasoned but I used what I had.

Then I put the teensy tinesy pieces of chicken in a pretty pan (which I sprayed down with pam but alternatively a healthier butter would suffice too)

Then it was time to really prepare Carrigan’s chicken.  I diced up half a yellow pepper that I had saved from a previous dinner.  I didn’t dice it up all fancy like because I’m not really a cook.  I just fake it, a lot.

I then put the items in a little saucepan and filled it to just under half.

I recommend keeping a bag on hand to throw your chicken guts in or anything else that’s kinda skeevy.  Chicken can be very skeevy.  It keeps things extra tidy while you’re cooking and you don’t get that funky smell later.

I also had everything laid out that I would need because I don’t like having to rummage for cooking items.  It makes cooking most unpleasant.

I had also run out of fruits for Carrigan (I make them in large batches and freeze/put in small containers for later use)

So I chopped up a peach and quartered some strawberries for a peach/strawberry combo.  YUM!

I saved half of the peach for later use.

I then blended it in our trusty grinder!  Which leaves things just chunky enough.

And just as soon as that was all made my next task was our asparagus. I again saved about half for later use!

Then came the oh-shit moment where I realized I’d forgotten about the chicken!


And for my family reading this – this next one is to prove that it’s still me!

These are microwaveable sweet potat-OHs!  That can be purchased at your local grocery store for those lazy or time crunched peeps like me!

In the meantime – Carrigan’s food was all done!  Chicken w/yellow peppers, Asparagus, Peach/Strawberry and mashed up wheat noodles (just chunky enough for her not to choke to death).

Then I hurriedly set out our food – this is not an impressive sight mind you.  We do not really set the table around here nor am I sure we really know how to.

And here is my jug being put to good use!  I would recommend a flower in it for the future but again, I was time crunched!  I had other colors of chalk but I fell back on old school yellow… oh the memories.


This is a picture to signify the end of dinner – which we ate super fast.  I think we’re the fastest eaters ever or at the very least the fastest eaters on this street!

After dinner Adam and Carrigan put together her new wooden walker!  She was very helpful….

And if you can tell from the blurry iphone photo – she loved it!

If only all evenings were like last night.. the entire family home for dinner and entertainment galore.



2 thoughts on “A not-so-typical evening

  1. You know what’s cheaper than those potat-OHS? Get a plain sweet potato all you have to do is rinse them (don’t try) poke ’em w/ a fork and wrap ’em in a paper towel. Put in microwave for 5 mins (check them after 3),

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