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Framed Chalkboard

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When I made the two framed chalkboards for the Anniversary party I did not take pictures.  Why?  Because I didn’t think to.  Instead, I’ve decided to make another one since the last two were so easy and I had some frames on hand.

I’m using these frames ( after painting them white and obtaining more frames and trinkets) for Carrigan’s little art wall.  I drew the inspiration from younghouselove and what they did in their daughter Clara’s nursery.  Mine’s probably not going to be as artistic.

Sorry Carrigan

The following two pictures are examples of what I’m putting in at least two of the frames (found and pinned on pinterest)

I love this and hope it serves Carrigan as a reminder to always be a good, kind, helpful and loving person.

I chose this particular frame out of the four we currently have because the texture of the glass was a bit weird and I wasn’t sure how that would show if I put an actual photo on it.  I also noticed when I was cleaning it that the people at the thrift store accidentally wrote on it with a bit of permanent marker.  Its fate was surely to be a chalkboard on my daughter’s wall.

It will be put to good use – as I/we plan to write her love notes from mommy and daddy.

As with the last chalkboard project – wash your item (some items such as wood need sanding therefore please keep that in mind for your particular project).

Also, just in case, please make sure to remove any and all stickers/price tags off of whichever item you choose to spray or paint.

Then dry it off carefully especially if you’re using a rag like mine which was leaving a cotton-y residue on the glass. BOO!

Then put a layer of protective paper or items in my case so that you do not get black chalkboard spray all over the place!  I would also recommended doing this in a well ventilated area (I’m doing mine outside on our back deck) and wear a mask if possible.  I learned from my jug project that it definitely gets in your nose.

I originally thought I had a black nose dust disease. For about 61 seconds.  I’m also a hypochondriac.

Also, I clearly would survive as a hobo.  I can rummage for random trash to use as a home protective layering better than anyone!

Next came setting the glass down.. carefully.  Then came the realization that this would not do as it would stick to the paper and make it kind of annoying to pick back up.

So I picked up the can that held the diet cokes (We keep diet coke on hand for the in-law’s as we do not like the taste of chapstick in liquid form).  As you can see it already has spray marks on it.. that was from the mini chalkboard project!

I have no in action shots because I cannot spray and take pictures at the same time.  I’m not talented.

I also don’t juggle.

Don’t hate.

Make sure you spray the glass 10-12 inches away using a back and forth motion.  It’s so repetitive you could get carpel tunnel.  So be careful.

I might have carpel tunnel right now.   Hypochondriac….

Another glance of the just sprayed glass

This is just an example on how it should turn out.  This is one of the mini’s I did on Friday night.

Wait one hour and then inspect your project.  If it does not need more chalkboard spray you  can move the item but do not use it for another 23 hours (for a total of 24hrs).

Again, this project took about twenty minutes between prep and completion and again, I did it during Carrigan’s nap.

The longest part has been this blog and the conversation I just had with my doctor to research their little mammogram mistake.

She hopes to have answers tomorrow.

Me too, doc.. me too!


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