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That list of Craig’s; why am I not on it?


So, I’ve been looking for the perfect end table for our living room.  We currently have a temporary solution that maybe has been temporary for too long.

I found exactly what I’ve been looking for on craigslist today but I might be too late.  I always find things on Craigslist but I always find it too late or the person tells me I can buy it or pick it up then gives it away.  Which I understand the idea behind first come first serve but it shouldn’t apply if you’ve “promised” it to someone else.


Here she is in all her glory

I’ve been dreaming up a 2-3 tier table ever since I saw a transformation of one on lizmarieblog!  Except, I would like to use a wood burner to burn a medallion in the center of the bottom shelf and paint the inside/divet of the medallion in a gold color and I would stain the table as opposed to paint it.  But that’s just what’s in my head.

That’s the beauty of a mind.. it’s always changing!

The next thing on my craigslist want/waiting on a response list is a $10 power drill.  We need like one hundred different power tools for the things I want to do so why not start off with something we really need, a drill?!

So, craigslist people, respond so I can get my DIY (or in my case DI-WHAT?) on!!!!

Know any cool wood burning tips (no pyromaniacs please) or a lead on a pretty 2-3 tier table?  Let me know!

I’d so appreciate it.


6 thoughts on “That list of Craig’s; why am I not on it?

  1. Ah! I turned into a craigslist JUNKIE when I first discovered it! Best time to check is in the mornings, and just email like crazy because it’s kind of hit and miss. I’ve also found that Saturday mornings are glorious, because most people are asleep, and the people posting things are not, so you should get responses fast! Good luck!!!

    • Thank you SO much! I really appreciate the tip. I always hear about these awesome deals scored but never find myself with such a story!!!! Also, the person with the little table is holding it for me until Friday – so I might be turning around my list luck! 🙂

  2. Tag sales are great this time of year. People are wanting to totally de-clutter before the cooler months. Still waiting on a response for the pie shelf (sigh) I’ll let you know.

    • I keep stopping whenever we see them! I thought I found “the one” but on closer inspection it was not repairable (at least not by a newbie like me). I hope they email you soon.. that thing sure was lovely 🙂

  3. I might still have my wood burning gun somewhere. I’ll check for it. I had two if I recall correctly.if you need help w/ the medallion thing let me know I used to be pretty skilled at burning things 😉

    • Would it be in storage or would you actually have it at your apartment? If you think it was in storage I can check out the garage since most items are now disposed of (ruined by rats) or in my garage.

      I’m just going to do a wood transfer of the outline and follow the lines w/the burner gun. I have to sand the legs and repaint too. It’s currently a dark blue table with lime green legs. So I am going to sand and paint it.. should be fun!

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