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The curtain due by date is 10/1/11.  I was going to write 10/16/11 which is Carrigan’s first birthday but I realized I would have a bit going on planning it!

I’m giving myself a month because I want to take my time with the curtains as I really do not feel like screwing up something that cost that much per yard!  It also gives me time to complete a little bench cushion project I hope to start/complete within the next two weeks.  Adam said he didn’t mind the color of the yellow in the runner I made for his parents so I can use the leftovers for the cushion!

Which is great because encompasses two of my loves; yellow and stripes.  It also ties in the living room a bit more with the entryway as i have two yellow pillows and one yellow vase that looks oddly like a pineapple.  But I dig that.  I once tried putting flowers in the pineapple vase but it looked like it had sprouted hair.  The donald trump weave kind.  NO GOOD!

So now it’s just for being pretty.  It does it so well…

Anyhow – my SIL (the one that resides in Japan.. you know the one) found the fabric we chose at a different website for just 19.95/yard.  Which is a lot better than the 36.99/yard I had found!  In a dream world I’d have preferred to pay 8/yard 🙂  I’m cheap.  You know that.

She also found a really great blog (that is now on my blog roll because of how fantastic it was) that had a tutorial on curtains with the same exact pattern.  Seeing them in context made me love the fabric that much more!

Via Jhalvorson Tutorial

Now if only she could put Carrigan down for her first nap from Japan….


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