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Leftover Jug

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Every since I sprayed those frames with chalkboard spray I’ve been itching to spray other things in the house.

Luckily, we had a left over jug (I’m sure it’s called something else?) that my BIL purchased of BBC Beer

Free.  I like it.

I’m thinking it will make a fun statement piece for the dining room table and since you can write on chalkboard, the statement part isn’t even figurative!  How sweet is that?

Remember to wash the exterior of whatever product you wish to spray with the paint (some items such as wood require a bit of sanding).

It’s crucial that you dry it off prior to spraying or you’ll make a mess and waste a free jug!

Make sure you put a layer of protective paper (or anything you don’t need really) on the ground that you’ll be spraying on/around.  I didn’t use much because 1) I didn’t have much 2) The spray stayed within my protective layer the last time.

So I was banking on same results.

I’m using Rust-oleum chalkboard spray – but you can also buy chalkboard paint that allows you to customize the color!  I’m thinking of buying that too for a little christmas project.

Sorry – no in action shot.  I don’t have a fancy camera w/a tripod, I’m not skilled enough to snap and spray at the same time and I don’t have three arms! 🙂

It was really hard to spray this because of its already dark-colored base.  I did not think of that.  I also didn’t account for the fact that there is a curve on the jug or several really.  So, in some parts I have a bit of a dripping effect.  Also, dripping effect might be because I over sprayed.

My tip would be to start bottom up in the future not top to bottom like I did!  It also suggests you overlap when spraying which is actually pretty easy/natural to do. So I wouldn’t over think it.. like I did 🙂

You can move the product 1 hour after spraying but it does not recommend usage until 24 hours later.  Which is cool, because I really had no immediate plans for this jug anyway.  This also allows me the time to research whether or not I’d be coockoo for cocoa puffs if I decided to sand the drip areas!

You can do all sorts of things with this!  You can draw flowers, make fun striped patterns, write the menu for dinner on it and use it as a centerpiece… like I’m planning on doing my next evening off of work!

Oh and this took about 20 minutes between prep and completion.  I did it during Carrigan’s nap, in fact I’m typing up this entire thing during Carrigan’s nap – that’s how easy!

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/tips.

I bet I could use them! 🙂


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