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A little surprise for the lovebirds


Pictures are at the bottom of post – if you want to skip ahead


This Saturday we threw a surprise 34th 33rd wedding anniversary dinner for Adam’s parents.  It composed of just the immediate family (sibs and such).

Nobody died and made me boss.  But I made me boss.  I think a few people wish I wasn’t but I was.  See, when I get stressed I’m no longer a normal human.  I was compared to hitler this weekend more than once.  Ooops!  The happy news is that I absolutely loved how everything turned out.

It started about a month ago (hrm, might even be over that now) with a question to the sibs about a gift.  Then it turned into “lets throw a dinner party” and then it turned into “let’s have a dinner party with pretty flowers, real plates, napkins with napkin rings and a beautiful runner” sewn by yours truly.  I turned it into those things because I’m not sure I know how to do “half way”.

Once I decided I was going to learn to sew and my first project would be said runner – everything and everyone was a goner.  Because paper plates and pretty runners don’t go together in my book.  It can go in your book.    So, once I eliminated paper plates we had to go buy more matching plates (since our biggest matching set feeds 6 and we had 9).  Then I wanted a pretty salad plate.  Then I wanted napkins and napkin rings.  Basically, I wanted it all.

I wanted it all for his parents … and a little for me.

One weekend I bought two little dessert plates at our local thrift stores (I went to two) along with little glass votive holders.  I had no idea what I was going to do with them but I wanted them.  The dessert plates were great because they were yellow!   The happy couple’s wedding colors and a top contender in my book too.  I ended up using the plates to mark the “Sweetheart table”.

Wednesday of this week I picked up the sewing fabric, fun!  I had no idea what I was doing and I did not understand the lingo.  Which is how I ended up with enough fabric to sew two runners.  Which is actually pretty awesome now that I think of it.  I had no idea how to even start the sewing machine so my MIL came and helped me out.  Once that was out-of-the-way she went home and I was left with my runner tutorial.  Except when I was reading the tutorial I realized she was relying on using another runner so that wasn’t helpful for me.  I decided to wing it – more on that in a different post (at a later date this week).  Winging it came out decent enough.

I had estimated this would be a two-day project and it was really a two-hour project.  SWEET!  That left me plenty of time to pick up supplies on Friday.

I bought two $1 dollar frames at our local dollar tree and spray painted them that night with chalkboard paint.  I used one for the dessert table “A sweet for the sweets” and one for the Sweetheart table “33 + 1 = 34” which should have been “33 + 1 – 1 = 33”.  During my sleuthing I asked my MIL and FIL about their wedding anniversary and neither gave me the same answer.  I went with the MIL because I figured she’d be right.  WRONG.

I also ended up buying 10 plates at the dollar tree since I couldn’t find anything while thrifting that day.  BOO!  I’d always suggest buying plates in even numbers.  I don’t know many dinner parties that end up with odd numbers.  Plus, if you really want an odd number of plates you can throw one at someone.  But only if you wanted to.

My friend Veronica met me at my house later on in the afternoon and we headed out to our local-ish mall and picked up the rest of the party decor.  Originally I was going to go with a beautiful pier 1 napkin ring but my tally for napkin rings and napkins came up over 65 bucks (I’m not fancy enough to already own this stuff – fyi) so I decided to scrap them despite how embarrassing that was and the fact that I adored them.  I’m pretty cheap so I felt like vomiting a little when I realized the final numbers.

I actually ended up buying a lot more than 18 things with the 65+ dollars I “saved”.

I opted to just picking up some fabric napkins at wally world and made my own napkin rings with twine/hemp (what’s the diff?) and crafting beads.  It turned out to be just the perfect contrast to the pretty-ness that was around.  My BIL Ronnie and his wife Jess arrived from boston at about 9pm and at about 9pm I put them to work.  Ronnie baked cupcakes while Jess and I made my vision a reality. She’s a superb knotter by the way.

I had to work the next day so I took my break times to decorate for the party.  This is also when things were going a little wacky and my level of expectation was becoming higher and higher.  While my jerk-o-meter was flying out of control.

This is also the day I was taught that helium is what makes balloons fly not air produced by moi.  So, we paid 7 bucks and had the balloons we purchased filled up with helium.  Which must’ve been great pleasure for my husband since I blew up a balloon to prove him wrong and my balloon failed me.  IT. FAILED. ME.

Skip ahead a couple of hours, a couple of incidents where the whole shebang was almost given away and walk up to my door where we told my MIL that free balloons were given to us (in her wedding colors.. hello or do I mean YELLO’!) at a local supermarket and she believed us.

Hope you enjoyed the photos even if they are a little shoddy (currently using my old iphone for photos)!  Will be back throughout the week providing info on some of the stuff I made for the wedding; runner, napkin rings and framed chalkboards.

Also, try not to die from the shoddy napkin work.  I have never folded a napkin a day in my life.  I also didn’t google it.. though I could have.  There was no need for a complete set of utensils .. did you see what we were eating?! 🙂  Simple and Sweet.


2 thoughts on “A little surprise for the lovebirds

  1. During the day I applied for asylum in communist Russia (ignore the fact it no longer exists) to get away from party boss Iomay, but they refused me on the grounds that they did not want to anger her after they saw how she handled the “decorating crew” (yours truly and his brother and sis-in-law)

  2. The decorations and set up looks lovely. Decorating and planning may drive you a little crazy but in the end your work is always GREAT and APPRECIATED! I’m glad you could do this for them!

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