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Turn that room around Diez!

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Sorry to be posting this at 37 minutes to midnight but my day got a little away from me.  In a totally awesome way!  I got to spend time with my sister, spend way too long getting CG to sleep and then I got to shop with one of my totally awesome friends!

Then I got to come home and help with a little project I’m “overseeing”.. I’ll divulge details next week.  Let’s just say I might have a lot to say next week!

Here’s the low-down, I’m tired, this is the look … blue/white/olive fabric in a floral.  Yes, again.  I wanted this room to feel comfortable and not really have rules.  You might not find it pretty but I can totally imagine myself here.  Pretty fabric, check.  Awesome (previously seen) tray table, check.  Beautiful sleek glass lamp, check.  Comfy braided rug, check.  Striped pillows, check.  Bolster for fun, check.  CRABBY PILLOW, CHECK!

If you ain’t got love for a crabby pillow.. you ain’t got humor in your life!  Because that is one pillow that speaks the truth at all times.

Sweats on, book in hand and full glass of lemonade on stand-by on my trusty tray.  I should do the laundry, but I’m comfortable.  I should do dishes, but it can wait.  I think I’ll just hunker down here for today.

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!


One thought on “Turn that room around Diez!

  1. Feeling the love for the crabby pillow! Love your blog ❤ Put you on my favs.

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