Wish it So

An upside down pacifier and no coffee

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Normally I’m still in bed at this hour

Twenty more minutes

I’d be up then

Carrigan would be thatmuchcloser to a nap

I’d be thatmuchcloser to a human

A weird human

Where’s my coffee?

Why doesn’t anyone order keurig refills at this establishment?

What kind of hotel is this?!

Man, I wish it were a hotel

I could go for a little free continental breakfast

Although it’s not free

Since you paid to stay there

You may have even paid to park there

What is free?

Carrigan is so cute with her paper towel roll in hand

She demands attention from her royal subjects

OCTOTUNES is her subject

And a purple shovel

And an empty soda bottle

(from when we had guests.. we don’t usually buy soda otherwise)

    Items from our recycling bins often finds themselves as toys here

    Almost free toy

    I don’t care how cute you are kid

    You aren’t caffeinated

    You are most definitely not able to run and get me a cup o’joe

    Alright, I do care about how cute you are

    I’m yelling Danger again…

    Good Morning!



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