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Turn that room around Nueve


Alright folks!  Here is option nine (nueve)!  Only one more option to go and then I get to pick which was my fave (I might include Adam in the process, might) and I’m filled with nervous excitement.  I bought like four yards for my little runner project and that was $36!  I don’t even want to imagine what the cost will be for curtains.  I’ll divulge details of my first sewing project at some point next week.. if it pans out.  Not only have I never sewed but I am pretty sure I’m going to sew over my hand.

I am not the crafty sister (shout to Carms since she is the crafty sister).  I am currently trying to get the “crafty” sister to do a little blog for me on teeny tiny christmas sweaters (for ornaments unless you know thumbelina or you could be weird, and dress up your fingers).

Moving on, I think I’m going to call this option “urban chic” because of the elements in the room but I’m not urban or chic so what do I know!  If you can think of a better look-name, let me know!

The fabric you see today is a pretty pink-y fabric with an olive colored flower.  The pink almost looks like the euro linen color in the downstairs portion of the house which I love!  It was also a fun floral that I couldn’t pass up.  I chose a rustic looking, functional and pretty table to compliment the fancier gold capiz tiled lamp.  And yes, I was going to write, I think it brings it down to earth.

Ya caught me!

The rug, as you’ll notice, is purple.  I previously had an olive colored rug and Adam vetoed it claiming it was too “blah” and he was right.  The difference the purple rug made is insane!  Though purple is one of my least favorite colors (even though my wedding colors were purple/green) it was a transformation I couldn’t pass up.  The subtle pattern in the rug doesn’t hurt either!

It makes me feel fancy.

In terms of pillows, I kept the white/neutral striped pillows from yesterday because I love stripes and I liked the different pattern it had to offer to the rest of the room.  I threw in a taupe bolster and a white/gold pillow (which Adam really liked – I won’t say love) to tie in the different colors in the room.

A weekend trip with the girls is just what I need.  I can’t forget that pretty sequined dress in the closet – what’s a getaway without some glam?  Oh, and my cellphone, my hair straightener and those pretty gold tipped pumps.  Oh, the gold tipped pumps…

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!


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