Wish it So

The following is not a test, DJ!

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It’s nearly 10am.

Where did the time go?

Where did my energy go?

Oh, that’s right… with my screaming child!

Have I mentioned lately how much teething just bites the big one?

Because it does




Besides that, I had a pretty fabulous morning laughing at Carrigan and myself.

I was dancing to Pitbull’s Bojangles (Yup, my ipod is stuck in 2004)

In my towel

Realizing during these particular lyrics “Traelo pa’tras”

That Carrigan might have learned those stripper dance moves from me

NOT EVEN GOOD ONES – I wouldn’t even give me 50 cents for those moves

My bro-in-law Ronnie and his wife Jess were staring at me

From a picture on Carrigan’s pretty 3-tier table

But they were looking at me

Everywhere I shook my little booty to

So awkward


That sums up my morning.. I hope I made someone out there laugh WITH ME!  Good Morning ………….


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