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Turn that room around siete


Sometimes, especially when it comes to home decor it feels like someone takes over my body and just does things.  I mean, I’ll look at a fabric and think, oh that totally would go with this, this, this, this and oh yeah, this.  Half the time when I look at the finished product I think “Who threw up furniture all over my screen?”  because it’s so “out there” that I couldn’t have possibly picked these things out.

But then I remember that’s exactly how the first floor items came to be.  I would just go, yeah that will fit in (usually via online shopping) and people like my mother-in-law would look at me skeptically but wouldn’t ya know.. it worked!

I guess what I’m saying is I like the things I pick out even if they look a little iffy because in person they always manage to astound me.  Seriously, sometimes I still walk into the living room and think “I cannot believe I bought this rug!” because the entire time I was sick to my stomach questioning myself and whether or not I could live with the error if it sucked in “real life”.

What you are about to see is my version of throwing up home decor.  In a good way.  When I was preggo with Carrigan I vomited quite a bit and the only one that tasted the same (going in/out) was strawberries.  So I just imagine that home decor tastes like strawberries and that makes it good to me.  WOW – I’m only slightly a nut job.

I wouldn’t even blame you if you stopped reading right there.

The fabric you’ll see in the image is a black lattice design with green “blossoms” which look more like little gothic crosses to me.  Once I saw this fabric I thought, nautical.  I don’t even know why.  I went in search of a new side table because the other side tables were too polished or too rustic.  This table was screaming debris-found-from-sunken-ship, to me.  Gorgeous debris.  It also brings the room back to earth after the sweet lattice design in the fabric and rug.  I added the seeded glass lamp because, yeah, it reminds me of water without being too “ahoy matey” plus, I liked it.  You will not hear a pro giving that as reasoning 🙂

I picked this particular rug because it echoed the lattice pattern and it was coral.  I’ve been wanting to put coral in this room since we found out we were buying a house.  I didn’t even know that coral would go with this room or this house but it does.  Lime, Black and Coral just works for me.

Adam says this is my best option yet.  Though he promptly followed it with he was iffy about the rug color (coral) and he hoped I wasn’t going to keep the anchor pillow.  Rug is not going anywhere – love it and the anchor pillow was just to drive home the nautical idea.  But, it is growing on me.  Can I say how much I love those lime pillows?  I just want to huge ’em and squish ’em and call ’em my own.  Can I choose this fabric just because I want the pillows?!

Also, can someone please tell me why my images don’t show those white boxes behind the photos when I’m saving it on my computer but shows up online?  I don’t use anything fancy – just word (for mac).  Maybe that’s it?

As I pack for our family beach day, I wander over to the bedside table and pick up the fall of giants.  Finally, some time to read and frolic in the sand with Carrigan.  I can almost taste the salty ocean air and feel the sand in-between my toes as I run after my darling girl.

Psst, I loved this option so much I almost accessorized the table (as best as macword-possible) and chose a chair to go in there!  Definitely in my top faves for final bedroom option!

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!


4 thoughts on “Turn that room around siete

  1. I think this is my favorite so far! So, when do you decide??

  2. I decide on fabric this weekend. I am so psyched! I thought this was my favorite but then I finished the one for tomorrow (it has an opt A and B because Adam and I were in debates on the table) and I L-O-V-E it. 100 percent love it. I almost can’t wait until tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for reading my silly posts 🙂 You are the best!!!!

  3. Is the fabric in each option for curtains?

    • Yes, all the fabric options are for curtains 🙂 I just posted today’s fabric options and there’s only 3 more fabric options left! This has been really fun so I’m almost nervous to actually make the curtains!

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