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Turn that room around Ocho A y B


I was going to say that I had a little surprise for you all but it’s not really a surprise if I post it in the header, right?!  I thought not.

I posted Option #7 (siete) last night at approx. 9pm because I ran out of time yesterday during the day!  It wasn’t exactly a rush job because I knew exactly what I wanted but the typing part gets a bit tricky for me sometimes.  I rewrite a lot!  Trust me, I wrote a lot of things nobody wanted to read!!!

Let me start off by saying how today’s option #8 (ocho) is my favorite.  But narrowing it down further, option 8A is my favorite.  I was going for a sweet cottage look and I personally feel I accomplished just that.

Toda’s fabric is called Dahlia Aegean and it speaks to me.  The colors are pure, lovely and the floral is just modern enough to be fun and not dowdy.  Today’s table is another William Sheppee number and I think it’s the perfect shade not too light so as not to be insipid (Thanks Donna for that word!) and not too dark to overpower.  The lamp was a no-freakin-brainer it pick up the color of the leaves but adds its own charm with its base and rectangular shape.  I mean, we connected as soon as I saw it.  I picked a beige braided carpet because it added just the right amount of texture and a hint of color without being bold. This particular room doesn’t need bold, it’s a cottage, it needs charm.  I tossed in some pillows again to tie everything together in a fun way; striped neutral pillows with a geometric citrine number.

Oh, did I already say A is my fave???  I always run these images by Adam so he doesn’t end up hating them too much.  The only problemo was he loved option B better because of the box table I chose.  Please take a look at option B as well and feel free to chime in which you like best!  May the best table win.

Ocho A

Ocho B

We pull into the driveway of our charming two bedroom cottage, the overflowing flower beds and weathered rocking chair do nothing to deter me from running into the house with childlike enthusiasm.  I toss my bags to the side and remark upon how lovely it is to be here today.

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!


8 thoughts on “Turn that room around Ocho A y B

  1. I wouldn’t say love to home furnishing at all. Other than the green chair of course! I will go with prefer thank you very much.

  2. Oy vey, that green chair is gone forever. It’s in Chaisson basement heaven now and really, it’s just the perfect home for it 🙂 I LOVE YOU AND YOUR LACK OF INTEREST IN HOME FURNISHINGS. That just means I can put as many nautical pillows as I want wherever I WANT 🙂

  3. What gives, I was looking for this on your blog everywhere earlier today and couldnt find it.

  4. OK, I really love the look of table B, but I dont think the flip open top is all that functional for a night table. The drawer of A seems much more useful.

    • The one thing I was thinking about with B is stuffing it with like blankets for the winter or hiding Christmas Gifts for CG. We don’t really use a table now so functionality would be nice but not key (at least for us). But boo on you for liking Adam’s better 🙂 Whose friend are you?!

      Haha, seriously though, thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it.

  5. Wow!! You’re incredible, great stuffs here. 🙂

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