Wish it So

A bird of a different feather

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My life is not perfect

Adam and I bicker

Carrigan pitches a fit for my undivided attention or refuses to play solo

I don’t see Gloria as much as I’d like

Carmen lives in Boston

My parents are deceased

Then I have moments like yesterday and I’m reminded that

Adam and I love each other, he supports me through the craziest of days

Carrigan smiles, says momma and makes kissey faces at me which makes it all better

Gloria will soon be moving in with us and unable to escape me

Carmen is so supportive it almost feels like she is right here with me cheering me on and kicking ass

My parents were great parents and they are always with me especially in moments like yesterday

So today, I could choose to continue to be mad at what happened yesterday or I can remember all the things I just listed, do what I can and move on.

I think I’m going to move on

There are 2001 reasons to be happy today, just choose one.


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