Wish it So

Spoiler Alert: No Mammogram!


If you’re thinking…WTF?  Then you are not alone my friend.

Let’s start off by saying I’m probably changing doctor’s offices.

WHY BECAUSE PORQUE?  (Shout out to Ricky)

Well, I got a call at approximately 8am but I was sleeping.  I’m normally awake by 7:45am thanks to that showering thing and thanks to that husband going to work and now I have to take care of Carrigan thing.

NOT TODAY!  Because the only upside to getting a nooner mammogram was Adam staying home to watch CG, take me to the appointment and lend that emotional support.

Well, at 9am I finally was up and got the message from the radiology department saying that I could not get my mammogram done today because they needed to schedule the ultrasound and mammo on the same day.  Well, that’s news to me since they told me at the office that they did NOT need to be done on the same day.  I did express this to the tech when I called back.

She then said that they couldn’t do it at that office at all because I had a complex cyst and they needed to do a “diagnostic” mammo and they weren’t equipped for that.  OOOOOOOK, So why was I not told this the THREE times I called about the appointment.  Her reasoning, they all (all three different staff at the doctor’s office) made a mistake.  I know mistakes happen but seriously, three times with three different people = staff retraining to me.

At that point I became what we like to call the “pink hulk”.. literally shaking from anger while trying to keep some human composure.  I may have said, this is ridiculous my husband took off of work for this and I’m being seen somewhere for a mammogram.  She looked, they had an opening at another branch at 10:30am.  That left me about 10 minutes to shower and 40 minutes to drive.

While I was in the shower I get another call which I also missed.  It was again, the doctor’s office.  They were just seeing in my chart that as of February I was still breastfeeding and they could not do the mammo anyway if that was the case.  I called, I stopped bf’ng when Carrigan was 6 months so they said it was OK.  Then she stated to me that I was a bit young to be having a mammo.  Real rocket science work they’re doing there.  She also asked me if I was referred to have the mammo or if I had just decided to book it.  Do they not document ANYTHING at my doctor’s office?  For real?  No, I did not just on a lark decide I wanted my boobs pinched in a machine.  Sorry, not my idea of fun.

So, I get to the other branch just to be retold the same crap.  Seriously, talk to each other, don’t make a stressed out person feel more stressed out.

They decided on doing an ultrasound, they checked it out and everything “looked” fine and the radiologist came in, gave be the same info for the third time.  THE THIRD TIME.  He started asking me about my family history and I started bawling because I’m tired of telling people that my dad died of cancer (melanoma) and my mother died of cancer (breast) especially when those people are medical professionals who have access to my medical records.  It says it in there.  I know because the previous radiologist (the first one who called) ended up saying she saw that in my chart.

They are all from the same practice (it’s not like I was bouncing around from doctor’s office to hospital or yadda yadda).

So now I have to call my doctor when she is in and figure out what the hell is going on.  I’m not the one who asked for a mammo so why am I the one suffering the stress and aggravation from it?  I have been in a panic over this for approximately two weeks.

And don’t think I’m not going to take this whole situation up with whomever is management at the practice.  Because this was very poor handling of a shitty situation.

Oh and they gave me a 10 dollar gift card to Cumbie’s for having to drive from their GFLD branch to their AMH branch.  No amount of gift cards is going to cover up the disappointment I felt today in the handling of this matter nor the stress I put myself and my family over the last few weeks thinking about this day.



3 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: No Mammogram!

  1. i’ll take the gift card… 😛

    on the bright side it’s done.

  2. I would consider going to Springfield for mammograms or cancer scans. Valley Medical has become such a disappointment in my book. I called three times and never once was my doctor given my message and I know this because I spoke to my doctor the same night when I called in after hours.

    I’m sorry you had to experience this situation, its not only unfair but very stressful considering the history of our family and cancer. When I see you (hopefully tomorrow or thursday) I will give you a big bear hug. I love you Iomay and I’m sorry for this shitty incident.

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