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Alright so before the weekend was over I showed Adam all the fabrics I had been pinning on pinterest  for the last day or so.  He got to pick five of the fabrics (although one ended up being replaced by me because I couldn’t locate the original source) and I started working on them ASAP.  It will be a fun game to see if he figures out which I replaced.

Adam was playing a computer game with my friend’s husband so I had to work on this in between crankygan’s sleepy fits since I agreed to watch her during that time.  Someday I’ll take the time to explain how we split night “shifts” with Carrigan.

You’ll see that we both opted to go with this flowery number and you’re probably thinking, childish?!  I think not!  The flowers are a modern shape and bright colors which we both really like for our bedroom.  I opted to go with a modern side table and changed out the lamp to a brushed steel number with a double globe base.  I think it echos the modern feeling but still leaves it with that simple feminine charm.  I did debate over adding something bright but I didn’t really want it to start getting too busy up in there.

I chose this rug* because of its light grey color, I almost went with a white and grey striped beauty but I like the curveball it throws with its zig zag/chevron-esque pattern.  I did find a lime green, aqua and white striped rug but it matched too much with the curtains.  I want to give the room style without it feeling to contrived.  Ya dig?

I threw in some pillows so that you would get an idea on how I would tie in the floral patterned curtains and the  rug.  They were a last-minute detail that actually helped me figure out if I liked the look I was putting together and ya know, I really dug it.

The only thing Adam didn’t like about this look was the lamp.  I’m not sure what he didn’t like about the lamp because I didn’t think to ask.  Maybe he’ll chime in and clue us in.

An inspired morning; waking up to the sounds of bird chirping, the kids getting themselves ready for school and my husband making me a cup of coffee before he walks out the door for work.  Creativity is flowing as I sit here in my bright room about to embark on a day full of possibilities and joy.

The rug listed is 5 x 7 rug and we’re in search of a 8 x 10 or 9 x 12.  I saw a lot like this so I do not think it will be difficult to find.  This one is a great deal.. we could buy two for much under the cost of 1 and just flank each side of the bed with it.  I’m not sure Adam would go for it though.

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!



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