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This weeks fabric options

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I’m going to start off by saying how fun this has been for me!  I did something similar to this prior to our closing date in February in order to figure out what kind of “look” I wanted for the main living areas of the house but I didn’t really have an outlet for it.  It’s also been quite a bit of work since I have to do it while Carrigan is sleeping.  She was less mobile and more sleepy back in February!

I’m really glad I get to start my curtain project soon (once I figure out which fits best) but I have to say it is no longer my first sewing project.  I’ve decided to make a table runner for a little shin dig I’m having at the house at the end of the week.  I can’t disclose many details on my little project but I will next week.  I’ll link the tutorial I’m using at that point too.

For now, let’s get back on task (Please forgive my goof on the image):Oh and I have to add a shout out to the hubs for cleaning the house top to bottom this weekend!  I only have to do a little picking up today but, hey, I gotta earn my keep around here somehow! 🙂    It’s not all playing with the baby and looking at pretty things … Usually!  


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