Wish it So

La vas a engreir

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Can someone please expedite this teething thing.

It blows.

Seriously, Adam left the house and said something like “good luck”.


I just got Carrigan down for her first nap of the day which really wouldn’t have been so difficult if she wasn’t so darn uncomfortable.

Now I’m uncomfortable.



Headache from the screaming

Is it this difficult for everyone else?

Am I being a baby?

Don’t answer that.

It doesn’t help that CG and Adam were attached at the hip all weekend.

Almost literally.

Put the girl down once in a while.

    (He’s probably going to comment that he does but who are you going to believe.. my eyes or his memory? PSHAW )

      This whole attached at the hip thing, causes me Mon-Fri issues because she wants to be attached to my hip!

      Mommy don’t play that.
      I require Carrigan to play with her toys and I do play with her throughout the day too 


        I’m not a toy.

        I’m a human.


        I’m also not a machine.

        I get tired.

        I’m tired now.


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