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Turn that room around Cinco

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Option number five is finally here!  Sorry, she’s a bit of a diva and couldn’t decide what to wear.  You’ll see what I mean….

She’s tuckered me out so sufficiently that I don’t have a lot of energy left to give you details on what the “H” is going on!  The fabric I chose,  oh so pretty, sophisticated and reminds me of a pineapple.  I’m also hungry.  As you can see, I’ve kept the same table and kept the same tear drop lamp but used a different base shade.  I love the three items combined.

What you don’t see me talking about is the rug.  Oh the rug.  Well, miss thang tried on many rugs and didn’t like any!  I mean, we thought we found the one but then at last minute she threw him aside like he was yesterday’s trash.  So, you see, we’re in a bit of a pickle because we want a rug.  It’s so nice to get up for the day, throw your feet over the side of the bed and feel that nice plushy wool underfoot.  I’m takin’ suggestions.  If you can think of a rug that will go with my lil’ diva then I am up for hearing about it!

Blue, what about this one?  Oh no, that one has a lattice pattern that just will not do!  But we’ve tried geometric, stripes, solids and diamond patterned jute what else is there to try, blue..?!  Do I look like I care!  Really, Iomay, This is your job.  That’s why I hired you.  To make things pretty around me so that I would come out shining like the star that I am.  Now get me a martini, a tray of grapes with assorted cheeses and do not come back with less than two dozen white roses.  and Iomay, I want this done yesterday!

I’ll be back next week with more “fun” patterns.  I’m going to for a more youthful pattern next round because some of these fabrics I chose are a bit dramatic and sometimes you don’t want drama in your boudoir.  I’ve found a few and a design that I especially love but can’t find anything more than a yard (on etsy), BOO!  After Friday of next week I’ll have hopefully made my decision and begin to sew those curtains.

If anyone has any good tips, let me know!  I have a sister-in-law who I am going to harass for tips as much as I am able!

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!


One thought on “Turn that room around Cinco

  1. I love this choice, but I loved the blue rug you showed me before

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