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I have no doubts that once you see this one you’ll question my sobriety.  I’m sober, honest.  I mean, how can I take care of my ALMOST 10 month old while drunk as a skunk?  I hope to never be able to answer that question.  Let’s make that, I know, I will never be able to answer that (self-imposed) question!

How did this get serious?  SERIOUSLY!

Anyway, I don’t feel like I should even do a proper intro to what you are about to see.  I’m gonna call this look (aka option 3) Huevos Rancheros.  It’s the only one I’ve named.. so that should clue you in to its “awesomeness”.

So, first off, let me comment on the fact that I was discussing sobriety and I picked a rug that is called “Tequila Sunrise”.  I goofed on the image so you wouldn’t know that otherwise.

Now that I’ve pointed out that I’m not a boozer but seem like one, let’s talk about that table!  One, is it not the most amazing little table you ever did see?  It’s got so many visually pleasing elements that I cannot seriously pick one thing I specifically like.  Ok Ok, I love the little clover cut outs.  I love that it is RED and I don’t particularly have a fondness for red but I don’t hate it either.  It’s working for me right now, for sure!

I think the addition of the recycled green glass lamp brings the table down to earth and makes it just a little less fancy which is good if you like yourself a bit of fancy but don’t want to be taken too seriously.  The rug is definitely a fun addition that brings in both colors together in an unexpected stripe-y way!  I didn’t want to add something with bold pattern because there is a lot of pattern going on in the curtains and table.  But, I didn’t want to do a plain jane rug either because i’d be denying the rest of the room the pleasure of this punchy counterpart.

Let’s talk about the fact that this is an unrealistic option since Adam hates yellow, it definitely will not go with the blue walls and it’s a whole lotta red.  Now, lets talk about how I still like it.  A LOT.  It’s fun!  It makes me feel like I’ve been transported somewhere else.

There’d be sun peeking through our lemon groves that  grew just under my window.  Bloody mary in hand, I would venture downstairs with my flowing embroidered robe.  I’d wave at all the “help” as I sauntered down the steps to sit and enjoy that morning sunshine.  My family would join me shortly for a breakfast of Huevos Rancheros, steaming freshly baked bread and an array of freshly squeezed juices.

Lala Land much?  It’s my most favorite and really the most inexpensive to travel to!

Besides the whole “nothing will go with the blue” and “my husband hates yellow” dilemma, I can’t afford this look!  Cost break down:  700+ table, 45/yard+ fabric, 180 lamp and 400 rug……… Ay chihuahua is right!  So the two you’ll see today are just fun to tide you over to option number cinco tomorrow!  That one is by far one of my faves….

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!







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