Wish it So

Heart of hearts

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What do you do when the doctor who almost delivered your child asks you how she is and how the birthing process went?

    You admit he was right and the birthing process was actually pretty amazing.

      It was probably the most perfect birth, ever.  It was everything I didn’t think of hoping for and beyond.  What’s not to love about doting nurses, a sleepy yet excited husband who followed your instructions of not saying anything that one might deem as encouragement or better yet, being sorrounded by amazing family and friends afterwards!

        You admit you’d have another.

          Maybe I’ll have three or four or five or six!  Well, I won’t but I can tell you that I don’t know how many we’ll have because the joy and feeling of the first has still got me flying pretty high.  Besides, why have a lemonade stand when you can make it a lemonade enterprise?

            You tell him that the child is amazing.

              She was amazing the moment she got plopped onto my belly!  She was perfect because she was ours.  A blessing given to me by someone who must’ve known that I really needed a blessing.  Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful to the powers that be for my little girl.  

                Some of you don’t know that I chose the hospital where Carrigan was born because my mother passed away there.  I wanted there to be life where there was death.  I honestly feel that the day Carrigan was born was perfect because my mom was there, in spirit, to gently guide me through the ups and downs that is the labor process.

                  A little step towards closure (or as close to closure as one gets when losing both parents) goes a long way.

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