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Turn that room around (beats playin’ in my head)

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Alright, long overdue post on what I ideally want to makeover the bedroom to!  I’m going to be playing around with other fabrics, rugs, furniture and lighting for a little while before making the big decision.  Because, as small of a detail as a curtain might seem it’s actually a detail that can make or break a space (along with paint color..)  I don’t want something too bold because I want to the room to still have that tranquil feeling and I don’t want too small of a print because I’m afraid it will be too busy and busy is not something I want to be looking at when I’m going to sleep.

I ran this scenario by Adam and he actually liked it!  He wished the handles on the tray table weren’t so ‘out there’ but wouldn’t ya know that’s why I love it!  I feel if we get the table at fair price I can change the handles out myself for something a bit more simple but just as rustic.  He was surprised that the rug wasn’t yellow.  In December of 2010 we started house hunting and wouldn’t ya know, we bought a yellow house!  I bought yellow accessories for our living room and I am always trying to sneak in yellow.  Oh, yeah, Adam hates Yellow.  How can a person hate a color?  Bah!

I think the gold-y green color (yup) in the curtain fabric  goes really well with the gold-y green color in the rug.  I also dig that the rug has a bit of blue in it since our bedroom is just.. a bit blue!  I’ll be on at some point in the next week or two with a few more of these snippets and maybe I’ll decide on one by the end of those two weeks.  Yeah RIGHT …. Totally.

If you’re interested in any of the items I’ve listed you can click on the product below and it should take you to the product page!


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