Wish it So

So fluffy

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Can I just say, again, that I love my little snickerdoodle?

Yes, she began her I’m tired wail at 1pm and didn’t fall asleep until twenty minutes ago.

Yes, she has been kinda snarking at me all day

Yes, she’s been making diva demands with her newfound come here move (which unfortunately she learned from me)

Yes, she’s having those terrible teething moments where she wants none of your help but wants all of your help at the same time

But then she smiles at me

Through her fresh tears

Through her discomfort

Through the annoyance that I don’t come as fast as she beckons

Through the fury at being told, “No” and “Danger!” repeatedly

She smiles at me and I kinda love it

No, I just plain ol’ love it!

Love her!

(Oh and it helps that she slept until 5am this morning, took a bottle and went back to bed until just past 7am)

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