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Oooey it’s been a long one

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Wow, today just completely got away from me!  Not in that oh-so-much-fun-I-can’t-believe-it’s-10:55pm way but in that OH-FRIG-way!

Basically, we bought our home in February of 2011.  Things had been super peachy up until end of June when our basement started flooding with our own sewage (Yup, fecal matter, check!) and then it happened again end of last week.  When the town sewage guys left they said they didn’t know what the problem was but would bring a camera to their next visit since it would happen again. Thanks for being so upbeat guys!

A day later we got a letter outlining the problem.  Umm, did I miss something?  Apparently, in 2008 the previous owners were notified of the sewage problem but never fixed it and never disclosed it.  Welcome to Massachusetts y’all, where they don’t require sellers to disclose anything.  Where they don’t hold a seller accountable for not disclosing something like this.  At least, that is what our lawyer told us AND what research has shown.  Our agent is going to talk to the seller’s agent and see if there is anything we can sort out.

The Town is sending us documentation that the seller was notified so we ‘re going to see if there is anything we can do without getting into a legal battle because we’re just not the kind of people to sue someone especially if it’s not a winning battle!

All we know right now, is that it’s going to cost over 1,500 dollars.  That’s how much the town is willing to reimburse us but we have to obtain two quotes from plumbers and then once we pay for and get it fixed they will reimburse us that amount.

So, you see, I have no energy to show you guys the fabric I’ve been looking at or the new direction I want to head in with our bedroom.  I’m close, I started working on something today but as I put it together I started feeling like the colors might be too much for our lighthearted room.  I like where it’s headed in terms of style but in terms of color it’s not quite there yet and let’s face it, color is key.




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