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Muy bien!

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We had a pretty fantastic weekend spent with friends and family!  We kicked off our weekend with The Chaisson Family (where Veronica tried Hawaiian pizza for the first time!) and ended it with the Polanco/Roberts Family.  My child may have beaten little William more than once.. but hey, Gabe’s love for Ron’s dead porch might have been worth it?!?!

The dead porch is where My father-in-law keeps all of the animals he’s hunted over the last .. I don’t know.. 30 years?  He’s actually a really great hunter and has won awards for his conservation efforts.  If you ever feel like knocking hunters do your research because true hunters don’t just “kill”.  I’ll stop myself there 🙂  I’d be defending a fight we aren’t even having!

This is the homemade foods from this weekend (everything else was store bought or super easy like yams..)


  • 2 lbs of turkey meat
  • 2-3 cups of ranch (Ken’s steakhouse is a fave)
  • 2 cups of Yellow/Red/Orange Peppers

  • Shape into desired burger size and grill it UP! 🙂

Cinnamon Apple-Green Bean-Turkey Puree

  • 1 cup of turkey meat
  • 3 spoonful’s of diced cinnamon apples
  • 6 -8 whole steamed green beans
  • Blend together in food processor/grinder

One thought on “Muy bien!

  1. Some fun facts. The NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation) in the 60’s trapped and transported wild turkeys from the midwest across the country and is the only reason they exist in the northeast today. Yes… those annoying birds you see all over was because of them. Additionally more than a dozen species of animal is alive today through conservation money raised through the sport of hunting. I am sure there are hundreds of more facts, but I grew up with a father who hunted my whole life and it took until a few years ago before I really understood the impact it made around us. Pretty interesting to know in my opinion.

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