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All hands in the train

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Alright ladies and my one male reader (husband…)

Are you on the Ikat or Suzani Train?  Because I am.  I think I might be driving the train.  I’m driving the train into debt-station because that’s where I’m headed if someone does not derail this thing!  Unless, if you try to stop me, the train blows up a la speed one or two. Take your pick.  They were both pretty hardcore hilarious and awesome flicks.

But this is NOT about a train or the speed movie.

This is about the fact that I shall be making my own curtains!  From not being able to sew at all and no previous attempts to making my first curtain.  You read that right.  Now pass me a gin and tonic because I am going to need one.  I am currently shopping around for fabrics that won’t make Adam vomit or seize.

I wanted a coral, blue, green and beige-y (so fancy with the technical terms, I know!) one but Adam pretty much said no, thank you. Emphasis on no.  And the just  coral one I wanted, his response, “It’s still pink to me”.  I’ve currently wishlisted a couple on Ebay that I am going to show him.  If he does not like them I am going to work my female charms and convince him that the first one I sent is the best option.

Lets be real, I’m not going to charm anyone, I’m going to pull rank.  What rank you ask?  “Well, what have you decorated lately MR. FANCY PANTS?!”  He’ll have to concede because as you know, I’m head decorator around Casa 12V and as he continuously reminds me, I’ve done a great job.

Once I have him cornered agreeable to one to three fabrics, I will do a mock up of what I’m thinking the new direction will be for the bedroom and post it on here.  I’m hoping to do that at some point tomorrow as I do not blog on weekends.  I think about it a lot but I just don’t do it! 🙂  For those of you who have seen our house pictures on facebook, the flower rug in our bedroom is out!  It’s going into the guestroom/Gloria’s 8-month residence.  Then it will go to her future home and that future home.. will be found in 8-months! 🙂  Love ya Glors.

Once I find the perfect fabric, I will post my deadline and you shall hang me on such date if I fail to meet it.  And by hang, I mean, remind me incessantly that I actually need curtains.  Also, I’d like to thank Tanja for lending me her sewing machine so that I can see if it’s something I’m willing to invest in, you know, other than in THEORY! 🙂

Also, if you know where I can get great deals on Ikat or Suzani fabrics, do tell!  Adam I would greatly appreciate it!


One thought on “All hands in the train

  1. We narrowed it down to two Ikat Fabrics… but now I decided to go another way with a rug. So, nothing for today – see ya monday! 🙂

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